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Why Dailies?


Meaning the most comfortable for your eyes. No build up of dust and particles that cause irritation.

Saves you time

Perfect for busy lifestyles, save time in your day. No need to disinfect your lenses - as these are packed in their own solution and ready to go.


There’s no day-to-day accumulation of deposits. With WALDO we have a high oxygen permeability, UV protection and have Multilayer Moisturising Hyaluronic Acid agents. Just what the optometrist ordered.

Our WALDO lenses have all the above and more

Breath. Our lenses have An oxygen transmissibility (DK/t) 25.

58% water
So you can enjoy maximum moisture and comfort all day long.

Blocks 95% UVB rays
Protect your eye’s from harmful UV rays all year round.

Superfine edge design
Giving you a tapered smoother edge.

Our lenses

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