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What’s Ready to Ship and Goes ‘Ziiiiiiip’?

Your December travel case!

Next month, your Waldo box will hold an extra surprise – your new Waldo travel case!

Your case neatly fits 10 lenses inside and has been designed to make travelling with daily lenses even easier for you.

Daily lenses are categorically the most hygienic lens to wear, so we want to make sure you’re always within zipping distance of your 100% fresh Waldo daily contact lenses.

We might not have reindeer, a slay or long grey facial hair, but we do have a handy postman who is fully versed in Christmas present delivering (no chimney required), so look for your early Christmas gift inside your Waldo box this December.

Case solved.


That’s right, it’s no secret – we offer a Free Trial to all new Waldo members.


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