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Six Reasons to Try Waldo

Six Reasons to Try Waldo

Put simply, Waldo is the smarter way to order your lenses. We deliver premium daily contacts at an affordable price, via the most flexible subscription plan that works around you. Hassle free and no commitment. What’s more, we’ve put you in control. You can easily tailor your delivery dates and order quantities by logging into your online Waldo account.

Here are six reasons to join the tens of thousands of contact lens wearers across the UK and Europe who have made the switch to Waldo.

1. We’re on your side

There are lots of ‘sides’ when it comes to the contact lens industry, but rest assured we’re on yours. We believe that you deserve nothing less than top quality contacts and a seamless, straightforward service. We deliver lenses straight from our manufacturer to your door, no need for you to go pick them up. That means more time to think about the important things in life, like if eyebrows are considered to be facial hair, and which armrest is actually yours at the cinema.

2. We can deal with commitment issues

We have introduced choice to wearers with a customer-centric approach to buying contact lenses. We appreciate that every wearer is different, so your subscription is entirely flexible. You can amend your delivery dates and order frequencies whenever you like, wherever you are in the world. No pressure, no problems.  

3. Fresh is best

We believe in changing our lenses like we change our clothes. Daily lenses are proven to be the most hygienic option for your eyes as fresh lenses are applied everyday, as opposed to reusable pairs which can easily become contaminated. Our lenses are designed for comfort with optimum moisture and a superfine edge design, so you can feel bright-eyed all day.

4. More premium for less £££

Every lens wearer deserves to wear the best contacts money can buy. Every. Single. Day. With Waldo, you’ll receive premium daily lenses at a fraction of the cost of other lenses on the market, of the same high-quality standard. We sell directly to you from our manufacturer, allowing us to simplify the industry’s complex distribution system and pass the savings onto you.

5. A smile on the dial

We have an in-house optical team and customer care team waiting to talk to you. Whether you have a question, need optical advice or need tips on how to use your lenses, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call into Waldo HQ. We’d always love to hear from you.

6. We’re spreading happiness across the country

Waldo is fuelled by happiness. We’re passionate about injecting fun and excitement back into the eyewear industry – whether that’s sparking (an actually interesting) conversation about the importance of looking after your eyes, sharing beautiful photography from our wearers or simply sending you our dazzling bright blue boxes every month. We’ve built a warm, friendly community around our brand and we’re passionate about using our platforms to celebrate the gift of vision.



That’s right, it’s no secret – we offer a Free Trial to all new Waldo members.


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