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See the World with Tijana Tamburic

See the World with Tijana Tamburic

Meet your new travel muse, Tijana Tamburic.

Originally from Serbia, the UCL graduate is a powerful force to be reckoned with. Not only is she a freelance travel writer and established model with one foot in London and one foot in New York, she’s also the co-founder of collective and creative agency Female Narratives. We can’t think of anyone else we’d rather see the world with.

We quizzed Tijana on our 7 quick-fire questions below.

Hey Tijana, what’s the most amazing city you’ve visited in the world?

This is an impossible question for me! I was most recently in Tel Aviv and I loved the energy of the city.

Share with us a hidden gem you’ve uncovered during your travels

I love exploring all local second-hand shops. In London vintage clothes can be expensive but in other places they can just be seen as unwanted things from other people and very cheap.

I was recently in Amsterdam and went out to the non-touristy North. I discovered this incredible monthly fleamarket and food market I was totally obsessed with.

What’s in your suitcase? Tell us about your travel essentials.

All my 100ml liquids, my contact lenses, my Natural Cycles basal thermometer, my Moscot sunglasses, my hairbrush, my favourite jewels and then whatever clothes fit the trip. That’s literally it!

We’re all about experiences that blow you away and stay with you always. Do you have a favourite travel memory?

Hmm maybe it’s a toss between climbing waterfalls in Costa Rica and staying at La Mamounia in Marrakesh.

What’s the most breathtaking view you’ve encountered?  

The sunrise at Burning Man.

Where/what is next on your bucket list?

Rome, Accra and Tokyo.

During your travels, how do you look after your eyes?

I try to wear contacts every other day and glasses the rest of the time. I wear my contacts on the days I really want to be active and explore or be in the sea.

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Grand Canal Of Venice, Italy

Tel Aviv, Israel

Barcelona, Spain

Burning Man, USA

Ibiza Marina, Ibiza

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