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See the World with Sophia Hall

See the World with Sophia Hall

This week we’re speaking to Sophia Hall – qualified nutritionist and our no.1 go-to for all things health and fitness. We’ve been following Sophia’s feed for a while… which has made our knowledge of health & fitness a lot better, and our travel envy a lot worse. As well as being a qualified nutritionist and avid explorer, Sophia is also founder of Nalu Active – a space that offers guidance and programmes for conscious living and achieving a sustainable lifestyle.

Read on to find out which view Sophia pictures when she meditates, and what happened when she visited the hottest place on earth.


Hey Sophia, what’s the most amazing city you’ve visited in the world?

This is so hard as I have visited quite a few! I would say for history – Rome. You can get lost in the architecture and the sightseeing is unbelievable. The squares in the city are fantastic for people watching. My boyfriend and I loved grabbing a coffee, sharing a Capresse salad and people watching!

If you are looking for a city with it all – sightseeing, good shopping, architecture and the sea – then Barcelona is perfect.

Share with us a hidden gem you’ve uncovered during your travels.

Uluwatu i.e ‘Single Fin’ has got to be the most amazing place I’ve ever visited. I know Bali has blown up in the last year or so but I went when I was 23 while backpacking and it was a little more off the radar. The temples were spectacular and the views overcasting the surf was breathtaking. Whenever I meditate or set an intention in yoga I picture the view from Single Fin hill top.

What’s in your suitcase? Tell us about your travel essentials.

Skincare is really important to me so I make sure my Espa Pro-Cleanser is packed! If it’s a sun holiday then a good after sun is essential too. I don’t wear much make up, especially when travelling, so I just take my Channel Universal bronzer to help even out my complexion. Contacts are also a must have, especially when you are doing high impact activities like hiking! The Waldo Vitamin contacts have been perfect as they keep my eyes moist whilst maintaining clear vision.

We’re all about experiences that blow you away and stay with you always. Do you have a favourite travel memory?

Last year, my friends and I drove from Yosemite to Las Vegas and stopped in Death Valley – the hottest place on earth! I had a few moments where I thought I was going to pass out – I was driving and it was so hot. Sweat was literally dripping down my head and I had to keep wiping my eyes. It was so ridiculous, we were all just hysterically laughing. We JUST made it to Furnace Creek at Sunset too and it was incredible!

What’s the most breathtaking view you’ve encountered?  

Yosemite waterfall!

Where/what is next on your bucket list?

I would love to travel South America! Perhaps take two months out from work and do it properly. I’m heading to Sardinia in September which I’ve never been too – I love visiting new places.

During your travels, how do you look after your eyes?

Comfortable contacts and eye drops to ensure they don’t get dry. I also make sure I have a good quality pair of sunglasses on hand. I have very blue eyes meaning my eyes are super sensitive in the sun, so it’s really important to protect them.

Thanks, Sophia! Safe travels 🙂 

Rome, Italy

Golden Gate Bridge, San Fransisco, U.S.A

Balearic Islands, Spain

Llanfaethlu, Isle of Anglesey, United Kingdom

Glacier Point, Yosemite National Park, California, U.S.A

Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A

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