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See the World with Julia Lundin

See the World with Julia Lundin

Today we’re seeing the world with Julia Lundin. Julia is a travel enthusiast, photojournalism graduate and former ELLE UK acting retail and market editor who has been travelling around the world ever since founding her blog in 2013. Thanks to Julia’s captivating blog updates and her husband’s photographic skills (he’s a professional with 17 years experience), we can scroll along with her as she uncovers all corners of the globe.

Last week, we checked in with Julia to discover her travel essentials and exactly why you won’t see her wearing heels when travelling. Scroll down to reveal the ins, outs and roundabouts of Julia’s fav adventures. Once you’re done, take a peak at her instagram here.


Hey Julia, what’s the most amazing city you’ve visited in the world?

There are so many cities that I loved visiting and would love to go back to, however New York holds a special place in my heart. I feel equally excited and at home there. I think we understand each other.

Share with us a hidden gem you’ve uncovered during your travels.

Girona, Spain. Not that it’s very hidden, but it isn’t as talked about as it deserves to be. What a stunning town with an amazing history, architecture, Michelin-starred restaurants and really friendly people. It’s a perfect place to explore, and did you know they filmed some episodes of Games of Thrones there too?

What’s in your suitcase? Tell us about your travel essentials.

I am a very efficient packer, which came to me with experience. I once did a weekend in New York with just a hand luggage, haha. One thing I almost never take with me anymore (unless, there is a specific dress code requirement) – is heels. Especially if I am going to a hot, sunny destination. I just take nice flat alternatives, because being comfortable while travelling is everything. I try and pack according to the itinerary of each specific trip, that way I have just the right amount of outfits including a few extra t-shirts and shorts here and there. Oh, and I never travel without an iPad, because watching Netflix on the plane makes every flight feel shorter and cosier.

We’re all about experiences that blow you away and stay with you always. Do you have a favourite travel memory?

It was my first evening in the Maldives and on my way back to the villa I saw a Manta Ray doing circles right under the bridge I was standing on. The unexpectedness of this, the huge size of it and realisation that this was actually happening in real life took my breath away!

And another one was seeing dolphins swimming in the wild. It’s just incredible!

What’s the most breathtaking view you’ve encountered?  

For me, almost nothing compares to flying over the Maldives on a sea plane. I remember, right before my first sea plane flight I was quite nervous about the whole idea of it, but once I saw the stunning views underneath – that experience became one of the most unforgettable moments ever. 

Where/what is next on your bucket list?

There are so many places in the world that I still haven’t seen and would love to visit soon. A Californian road trip is definitely one of them and I would love to explore Asia and Australia. Oh and Mexico and Peru are on my foodie bucket list.

During your travels, how do you look after your eyes?

I always wear sunglasses when it’s sunny and drink lots of water, as that affects the state of your entire body. I had an eye laser surgery a decade ago, so looking after them is especially important to me.

Thanks Julia, speak soon!

Girona, Spain

Girona, Spain

Maldives, South Asia

New York, USA

New York, USA

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