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Meet the Artist Who Designed Your Stickers this Month

Meet the Artist Who Designed Your Stickers this Month

We met Lillie Bernie last year at an event hosted by Waldo and organised in partnership with the all-female collective, Female Narratives. The event was all about bringing together inspiring women who were doing important things. While there was an abundance of inspiring women in the room, the Waldo Creative Team got chatting with an artist called Lillie Bernie and were immediately taken by the London-based creative’s passion to spark human emotion with her work. 

As time went on, the team began to spot similarities between Lillie’s thoughtful way of painting, and the Waldo mission to ‘change the way people feel about buying contact lenses’. We soon found that the desire to provoke emotion through vision was a mission for both Waldo and Lillie, so we decided to team up. 

In the following weeks, we worked together to create an exclusive set of stickers which combined Lillie’s mesmerising art with Waldo’s mission to make contact lenses fun, exciting and memorable.

Take a closer look at how the ‘Stars In Your Eyes’ campaign came about in the video below. Plus, if the clip has you feeling all starry-eyed, you can read about Lillie’s thoughts on the partnership by scrolling down. 

Hey Lillie! Tell us a bit about yourself, your style of work and what inspires you as an artist?

London-based abstract artist Lillie Bernie paints her interpretation of human emotion. Lillie is inspired by human interaction and challenging personal experiences. She captures the consequent feelings and emotions through the use of bold colours and textures with her abstract paintings.

Lillie uses her art work as a medium of expression, focusing on issues such as ‘human completeness’. Having worked as a fashion model since the age of 14 and graduating from university as a broadcast journalist, Lillie takes a strong interest in emotional well-being and one’s ability to take charge of their emotions by disengaging from negative environments that can often lead to a confused existence.

What made you want to partner with Waldo?

I’ve partnered with Waldo because I love the ethos of the company. Not only are the team a pleasure to work with, they are passionate and excited about the brand. I have worn contact lenses for the past 10 years and throughout that time, I had never come across a company who genuinely, evidently care about their customers. Waldo has turned a traditionally clinical-looking product into an item you would want to have in your makeup bag.

How did the ‘Stars In Your Eyes’ campaign come about?

The concept behind our ‘Stars In Your Eyes’ campaign is recognising and appreciating the people who encourage you to be the best version of yourself. Each of my paintings have stories behind them, which relate to problems that we all face in life and the distractions that detract us from feeling whole.

Each of the stickers are genuine cuttings from my paintings. I loved the idea that we could give Waldo subscribers a piece of art to keep and stick wherever they believe their stars belong! Personally, I think these stickers look great on Waldo boxes. For me, these designs remind me to appreciate the stars that I’m fortunate enough to live amongst in my everyday life (friends, family and inspirational figures). This helps me to appreciate how fortunate I am every morning.

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Stickers will be included in boxes until stocks last. 


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