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All About Female Narratives (And Us)

All About Female Narratives (And Us)

How do you prepare for your first partnership event?

We asked ourselves this question 3 weeks ago, having just confirmed our first breakfast with renowned creative agency, Female Narratives.

As it turns out, we spent most of the time perfecting the schedule, some of the time nailing the aesthetics and all of the time high-fiving.

Female Narratives is an integrated creative agency that operates using a collective of female freelancers bound together from all corners of the globe by their passion and enthusiasm for creating inspiring content. They focus on fresh narratives, dynamic strategies and unconventional mediums collaborating across all aspects with proactive, inspiring and creative women.

We decided to hold a breakfast event with Female Narratives in order to communicate directly with girls who wear contact lenses. The attendees on the day all enjoyed varied careers. Some were worldwide models, others were incredibly talented abstract artists. As a result, we were really interested to hear what these brilliant, talented women require from their lenses in order for them to fit into their busy everyday lives. The morning began with a delicious breakfast spread featuring dishes such as matcha pancakes,  wild mushroom & truffle folded eggs and vegan porridge with poached pear, black apple butter and sesame seeds.

After eating, Waldo’s founder Ashleigh went on to explain that, “somebody once said to me that buying contact lenses made them feel like ‘something was wrong with them’, and they almost felt like they had a disability. There is so much to talk about when it comes to vision and people’s perspectives, so we fundamentally believe that it should be a more exciting category. There is just no brand that is bringing this side of the industry out.” What followed was interesting conversation discussing everything from eye health, to the importance of creating a contact lens that customers feel emotionally engaged with.

The venue we chose was ‘The Local’s’ cafe – a healthy food hideaway between Victoria and Chelsea. Six months ago, we launched Waldo from our very first office space in London Victoria, so we thought it was pretty fitting that the event took place back in our old stomping ground.

Scroll down to see how the rest of the morning unfolded.


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